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Sometimes we wonder what the world would be like without Yolo.

He's the friendliest, fuzziest, furriest yeti in the world. The beating heart of Summit Indoor Adventure.

Ask nicely and he might even pose for a picture.

But all too often Yolo's sleeping off his latest escapade.

He will, however, come down from his mountain hideaway if he hears about a particularly exciting party happening at his favourite indoor adventure centre.

We don't know where Yolo was born, and we don't know whether Yolo is a he or a she.

But one thing we do know is Yolo is a fantastic friend to everyone who's ever visited Summit Indoor Adventure. 

Yolo's latest adventure

It must have been dawn because the birds were singing. Otherwise it could have just been a really light night.

I'd only been asleep for a couple of weeks. A knock on the door interrupted my snooze.

That wouldn't have been unusual but for the fact I live in a tent.

"We've lost our pet mouse, Rotherham", said my neighbour, a Shetland. She sounded different, like she had a sore throat. But then, she's always a little horse.

Whenever people lose things they always yell for Yolo.

Without thinking I put on my climbing shoes and jumped on to my bed to shut the sunroof. Unfortunately my climbing shoes have spikes on the soles, so I'll be heading over to Argos to buy a new air mattress after I've finished telling you this tall tale.

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If you know anything about big mountains, you'll be aware that right at the top there's usually a sheer drop. It's no match for my ample talents, obviously - I'm up and down those climbing walls at Summit Indoor Adventure like a rat up a drainpipe. And down one. But I don't imagine you'd find it so easy.

It wasn't until I'd dangled all the way to base camp that I realised I hadn't put on my trousers. So back I went, only this time I practised a series of skateboarding moves to get to the summit.

You'll be well aware of those Tony Hawk games on those computer console things. What you probably don't know is I taught the boy Tony ballet. Legend has it that he was so impressed with my allegros he took up skateboarding. Meantime, I kept on collecting those Austin Allegros and he filled his garage with Ferraris.

Back at the top of the mountain I fancied myself a bit of a snack. I have this agreement with the chefs at Summit Indoor Adventure for them to winch up to my lofty hidey-hole a job lot of my favourite Pulled Pork burgers; the problem is my same neighbour has the same keenness for bulging buns and by the time I'd reached the top she'd troughed my last one.

The audacity of it!

summit yolo snowboard 300x250

Down I went, empty bellied, in search of the lost mouse. Was she taking the Mickey, I wondered?

This time the descent was quicker. What you might not know is yetis have a fear of heights and so we're always looking for ways to get back down to earth quicker. Bert, my snowboarding instructor, has been helping me to master the little known move called 'zoomooh', which involves blowing off to gain a little more speed and, ultimately, break some world records along the way.

Quicker than you could say 'that Eddie The Eagle Edwards film is a bit rubbish', I was at the foot of my mountain. The trouble with snowboards is finding the brakes, though. So it wasn't quite as plain sailing as I'd hoped. Despite running out of mountain on and on I went, sailing through Doncaster, Hull, Harrogate, York and Leeds, waving frantically all the way. I made a lot of friends but I didn't find a lot of sleeping policeman to help bring me to a shuddering halt.

But a halting shudder I did get when within sight of Selby Abbey, everything went black.

Everything went black because my nose was stuck in a hole and my eyelashes were in my eyes. It takes more than a shuddering halt to get Yolo in a pickle.

And just as I was wondering why there was a hole in the ground and why my nose was in it, I smelled something funny. With a tinge of dairy about it.

I'm a bit of a cheese fanatic and I could tell straight away it 'curd' not have been been anything else. And it was coming from the hole.

summit yolo skateboard 300x250

Then a squeak. Then a giggle. A giggle I knew well.

Rotherham! Gingerly removing my nose from the hole with a pop, I looked around and saw Rotherham, our lost mouse.

"What have you been up to? Your pony pal at the top of the mountain has been looking everywhere for you!"

Turns out Rotherham was keeping a mousehole timeshare on Scott Road. We finished off his cheese and took a ride back up the mountain and had a big party with a new batch of Pulled Pork burgers.

What a day!

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Write your Yolo adventure and win a day out

We know Yolo can get up to all kinds of fun mischief and bet you can come up with some fantastic adventures featuring your favourite yeti.

Put finger to keyboard and type us a 500-word story about Yolo - and email it to yolo@summitindooradvenure.co.uk

The best one every month wins its writer and three pals a funtastic day out at Yolo's palace - Summit Indoor Adventure.

We can't wait to hear your yell about Yolo!

Party with Yolo

Truth be told Yolo would go to the opening of an envelope.

But if you really want to get the best out of Yolo, let us know when you've confirmed one of the following parties and we'll get him/her all dolled up and on top form to give your guests the best time:

Opening times

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Sundays to Thursdays, 10am to 10pm. Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 11pm.

School holidays and Bank holidays (Peak)

Sundays to Wednesdays, 10am to 10pm. Thursday through Saturdays, 10am to 11pm.

Yolo likes to go to bed early, though. As you already know, he needs his beauty sleep...

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Location of Summit Indoor Adventure

You can find us next door to Selby Leisure Centre. Our full address and postcode:

Summit Indoor Adventure, Scott Road, Selby, YO8 4BL.

We're slap bang in the middle of Selby and easily accessible from York, Harrogate, Leeds and the M62.

If you're visiting us by train we're just a ten minute walk from the station.


You can park on site but we are popular so it will get busy!

If you're taking part in an activity, or simply using the bar and diner (minimum spend applies) at Summit Indoor Adventure, leave your vehicle at the following car parks and we'll refund you.

  • Back Micklegate Car Park - YO8 3GH
  • South Parade Car Park - YO8 9AQ

Both car parks are clearly signposted or pop the following postcodes in your SatNav or Google Map App. Alternatively, call us and we'll direct you.

If you park at any of these car parks you are entitled to a refund. Simply present the refund section of the car park ticket to the reception staff on site.

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